Details about position

The core business of the company understands the needs of our mineral processing clients and addressing those needs with quality products, people and service.

The beginning

The company commenced business in 2001 when Central Africa was a challenge within which to operate a mining business. The producers in these ‘pioneering’ regions faced instability in all facets of the production process. One of the problems that uncertainty brought was lack of finance. Working capital constraints limited the amount of stock that these clients could reflect on their balance sheets and running out of consumables was a reality in this harsh environment.

The company took the initiative to become the first company to hold significant stocks of long lead time items – close to market with unsecured commitments from clients. Their professional approach to logistics management enabled some of their clients (in land-locked countries) to reduce stock cover from 120 days down to 21 days.

Since the establishment of the company it has become a major supplier and distributor of chemicals to the mining industry, with clients across the globe.

They have a fully equipped laboratory, with milling, flotation, sedimentation, leaching and analytical equipment, that enables them to accurately benchmark alternate reagent suites against each other. The constant monitoring of the world chemical market means they bring reagents to our clients as soon as they become economically viable.

1. Accountability Objective:

Responsible for the design, roll-out of all BI systems with the view to providing internal customers with valuable BI correlations to assist them to make strategic management decisions.
Responsible for all aspects of company IT functionality

2. Dimensions:
Personnel: Sole position
IT budget value: To be determined
BI Budget: BI Managers cost to company plus flights to sites

The position is supported by the Managing Director in South Africa.

Position requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant Engineering, Computer Science or Business competency is not a requirement but an advantage
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience using a BI reporting tool (e.g. QlikView,)
  • Experience using QlikView, Qliksense is an advantage
  • Minimum 2 years SQL experience
  • High proficiency in working with large data sets and business models
  • Experience with Pastel data base is an advantage

3. Principal Accountabilities
Accountability One
Personally developing, implementing, maintaining and improving the company’s BI strategy

This is done by:

  1. Designing, developing and testing QlikView models to provide the business with relevant data imported from multiple sources
  2. Ensuring that the QlikView applications and server processes continue to run and operate in the most efficient manner
  3. Interacting frequently with business stakeholders to gather requirements for new development projects and translating these into solutions
  4. Provide operational support, bug fixes, and performance enhancements as part of providing support to QlikView applications and users
  5. Extracting, validating and analysing data to answer strategic and operational questions posed by the business
  6. Automating data extraction and report update processes
  7. Data validation and integrity testing
  8. Data cleansing and data modelling
  9. Optimisation of data models
  10. Project design and development in consultation with user with agreed timelines
  11. Providing support and training on the development and implementation of newly developed Umbrella ERP software
  12. Traveling to various company and partner sites, JHB, Cape Town and other to train and partner with key executives in BI acquisition

Estimated % Time required:

Performance Standard(s):
1. A monthly progress report concerning;
a. BI Distribution list
b. Estimation of value of completed to the company
c. Training provided
d. Gant Chart of current projects
e. Deadline report and end user survey

2. A formal business review every six months containing a summary of monthly reports with the Line Manager accompanied by either the MD or the GM

3. Introducing a minimum of 2 BI strategies per quarter which benefit the company or group companies

Accountability Two
Manage the overall IT functionality of the company

This is done by:
1. Auditing current IT service provider for service and value
2. Appoint IT service providers where necessary
3. Setting budget for IT spend
4. Interfacing with IT service providers to ensure time efficiency and drop in spend
5. Assisting end users with internal IT issues, where appropriate to minimise the use of external service providers
6. Possible involvement in other IT related projects as deemed valuable by senior management

% Time required:

Performance Standard(s):
Quarterly IT Audit report
Quarterly IT budget presentation broken down into – Hardware, software and service items and including number of callouts


Position: Open
Location: Cape Town
Job Title: BI Analyst
Salary: To be discussed