Details about position

Job Purpose

Be part of a team of Data Scientists that solve a variety of Use Cases across the company and its customers. Primary role of the Big Data Engineer is to optimise the Big Data Environment for each Use Case as well as source the various data sources (internal and external) that are required to solve problems. The Big Data Engineer needs to manage and optimise the environment real-time to empower the Data Scientists to best solve each Use Case. Deep experience in Big Data Environments are required as well as an appreciation of the company’s data environment.

Job Objectives

  • Being part of a team that engages with a set of Big Data | Advanced Analytics Use Cases
  • Engaging with EIW to source a variety of Data Sources
  • Set up the Big Data Environment per Use Case
  • Keep up to date with the evolving Hadoop landscape
  • Providing the data and parallel processing platforms for the Data Scientists
  • Real time data streaming from internal applications and external sources
  • Provide platforms and capabilities for real time analytics
  • Position Hadoop and analytics with real time feeds back into production
  • Working with the company’s resources to source appropriate data


  • Deciding Big Data Environment per Use Case
  • Hiring Junior Big Data Engineers
  • Setting up Hadoop clusters

Key Stakeholders:

  • Chief Data Scientist
  • Lead Data Scientists
  • Junior Data Scientists
  • EIW
  • BCX
  • Senior Managers in BUs

Job Knowledge and Skills

Functional Knowledge:

  • Hadoop clusters
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Cloudera specific Ecosystem
  • Cloudera tools

Functional Skills:

  • Cross configuration between Cloudera and Apache Hadoop products
  • Maintain different releases and components between the best of both worlds.
  • Configure Dev toolsets
  • Configure different effective data stores

Attitudes/ Leadership Behaviour:

  • Customer focus
  • Innovative
  • Reverse engineering capabilities
  • Data insights

Job Requirements

  • Post Grad Degree in IT field


  • Enterprise data architecture
  • Production maintenance knowledge
  • Legacy database knowledge
  • Networking
  • Bigdata
  • Performance Firefighting and fault analysis
  • Predictive system analysis

Required Certification / Professional Registration:

  • Bigdata certification
  • Hadoop certification
  • Spark certification

Special Requirements:

  • Travel required. The appointment will be made in line with Employment Equity Commitments


Position: Open
Location: Cape Town
Job Title: Big Data Engineer
Salary: To be discussed