Details about position


  • National Certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / EE or an equivalent technical discipline e.g. (engineering, mathematical, IT)


  • Master’s degree in Computer Science / EE, or equivalent (ideal)
  • 3 years experience in similar role
  • 2 years experience with AWS deployment.
  • 2 years experience leading a team working through the CI delivery pipeline (e.g. Git, Jenkens, Vagrant)
  • 2 years experience and strong understanding of source control, branching and merging (e.g. Git Flow, TFS workflow, etc.)
  • 5 years experience of test frameworks and various test methodologies (e.g. NUnit, NCover, BDD, TDD, MOCHA, Sinon, Jasmine)
  • 3 years experience using and reporting on black box and browser test automation e.g. Selenium, Sikuli, PhantomJS, Protractor
  • 2 years experience supporting a large and complex middleware environment, consisting of ESB level concepts and capabilities
  • 3 years experience leading both on premise and cloud production systems (e.g. EC2, Azure)
  • 3 years Hands-on experience with modern automation and configuration management frameworks (e.g. Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, Ansible, etc.)
  • 3 years experience as a practitioner of 12 factor apps tenants
  • 10 years experience in both a Windows Server environment and Linux environment
  • 3 years experience building out a data centre or standing up a virtual data centre in the cloud

Duties & Roles

  • Contributes to cost efficiencies.
  • Researches, designs and implements best practice customer service solutions.
  • Networks, researches and guides on best practices.
  • Researches and implements best practice solutions to ensure business continuity and optimisation of systems and processes.
  • Engages in activities for own development.
  • Contributes to teamwork.


Position: Open
Location: Cape Town
Job Title: Development Operations Lead
Salary: To be discussed