Details about position


If you’ve earned your stripes (and your scars) in the agency world, but have grown a bit tired of the mayhem, and not really “owning” the brands you’ve worked on, we’d like to talk to you.

If you’ve been freelancing successfully, but are getting a bit weary of serving 15 masters who all want everything yesterday, we’d like to talk to you.

If you know that design and branding is about a heck of a lot more than just visual identity, then we’d like to talk to you.

And if you still want to work with a company that’s young, and fun, but you also want, you know, a life beyond the Mac, then we’d like to talk to you.

Thisis global technology company – They have shed the start–up mantle and are an established company that’s hell bent on growing our business and taking the reins of the event technology sector (in a friendly, helpful way of course). Their app, suite and the cloud-based platform behind it are all winners with clients around the world, and they are finally (FINALLY) solidifying their brand and taking their story to the world.

To do that, they need a design lead. Someone that wants to do more than “make it pretty” , will work to understand the business and apply smart, engaging design that helps convey a message (not just make the message look nice). We’re a lean team, so this role will actually be any roles, and you’ll like that.
Most important – you’ll own the brand. It will be your baby to nurture, raise and make awesome.

Interested? Here’s a very short list of just some of the things you’ll be doing:

  • Helping to define and enhance our brand, and applying it to everything (from our website to our sales collateral to branded Stan Smith’s).
  • Owning that brand, and helping to manage external suppliers (that’s right, the agencies will become your bitches) in conjunction with the marketing director.
  • Driving (along with the marketing director) a global advertising campaign. Every. Single. Aspect of it.
  • You’ll have input into concepts, strategy and of course, lead the design.
  • Mentoring younger designers.
  • Feeding into every other aspect of our business, from app UI/UX to offline events.

What do you need to bring to the table?

  • At least 5 years of strategic art direction, brand development and implementation experience.
  • Pixel–perfect attention to detail.
  • Expert–level digital design.
  • Experience working with developers (you don’t need to write the code, but you need to know what makes their lives easier).
  • A portfolio that shows diverse, comprehensive brand work and real–world business design.
  • Experience with video production and/or animation would be a major bonus.


Those are the skills, but we put a lot of emphasis on finding people that fit our team, and our culture. You’re tailor–made for this company if you’re:

  • Pro–active – No waiting around being told what to do
  • Obsessed with being the best – You don’t need to be told to make it better, you seek out opportunities to do so
  • Committed – We serve clients around the world, and there are times when you need to engage out of hours
  • Friendly – We’re a small office. Personality is worth its weight in gold
  • A fast learner – we’ll help you get started. You’ll get support. But you need to want to grow and improve and enhance your skills. Trust us, there’s no ceiling at this company
  • A leader and guide– we have a learning culture, and you may be asked to help others develop their skills based on your knowledge and experience


We know we ask a lot. But we also offer a lot:

  • Full medical insurance.
  • Better than average compensation.
  • The chance to work in the most incredible collaborative space in Cape Town.
  • Your birthday off every year and a host of perks (the bar opens at 4 on a Friday).
  • Flexible work hours (no one likes Cape Town traffic).
  • The opportunity to work with a company that’s aiming for nothing less than global domination (with a smile of course).
  • To be part of a driven, global team who wake up singing “everything is awesome” in a non–creepy way.


Position: Open
Location: Cape Town
Job Title: Mid–Senior Art Director
Salary: To be discussed