Details about position

Key Performance Areas
Software development

  • Accurately determine requirements from stakeholders
  • Design solutions to meet/exceed all specifications while adhering to industry best practices
  • Thoroughly test all work to ensure it is functionally correct and where possible generate
    tests which can be re-run in future as part of the solution
  • Keep up to date with industry best practices and advancements made within the software
    development area
  • Adhere to Kanban / Agile (or similar) development methodologies and active use these
    processes and tools to manage your work


  • Demonstrate the ability to perform basic DBA tasks, e.g. Backups, restores, user rights
    management, configuration
  • Good ability to troubleshoot performance and stability problems on databases
  • Familiarity with RDBS, NoSQL and Cloud-based database technologies
  • Good understanding of T-SQL
  • Understand database security concepts

Cloud technologies

  • Familiarity with one or more cloud providers and the services they offer, e.g. AWS
  • Understanding of key cloud concepts, like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and how to utilise them
  • Ability to manage cloud environments via GUI and/or command lines / API’s
  • Manage user rights assignment in the cloud(s) and ensure security best practices are
  • Manage costs in the cloud and allocation to correct departments
  • Understanding of hybrid cloud / on-prem systems architecture


  • Ability to work across various traditional IT teams (Developers, Server Admins, Network
  • Admins, Analysts, DBA’s, QA) and effectively communicate between them
  • Drive adoption of CI, automation, infrastructure as code, cloud-based technologies
  • Always work towards bridging the gap between development and operations teams,
    assisting both when needed to ease coordination of efforts between teams
  • Comfortable with shell scripting languages, e.g. PowerShell, BASH, etc


  • Demonstrate awareness of security best practices across various IT areas, e.g. Web,
  • Networks, Servers, OS, Password management, etc
  • Actively strive to always implement secure solutions / architectures where possible, and
    encourage others to do the same


  • Understand basic network topologies and terminology (LAN vs WAN, VPN, protocols)
  • Basic understanding of Firewall rules and routing configuration, especially in the Cloud

Server administration

  • Familiarity with various server operating systems’ use and configuration
  • Can configure web servers, e.g. IIS correctly, understanding memory models, security,
    SSL, etc
  • Familiar with remote administration and tools (e.g. RDP, SSH)

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • 1+ year(s) IT certification/qualification in any of the following: Development / Networking /
    Servers / Databases
  • Courses completed in any other IT technology areas (Cloud, AWS, Azure, Security,
    Analysis, etc.) would be an advantage

Experience & Skills

  • 4+ years working in IT positions
  • Of which at least 2+ years were in a software development capacity, or
  • Of which ideally 2+ years were in a more IT operations role, e.g. Networks, DBA, Security
  • And ideally 1+ years in a team lead, management or other supervisory role
  • Hands-on experience with using a cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Rackspace, IS) would be
    an advantage
  • Excellent familiarity with the Microsoft stack and environment
  • Basic familiarity with the Linux stack and environment would be an advantage (Ubuntu
  •  Familiarity with:
    o Jenkins
    o Artifactory
    o Ansible
    o GitLab / Git
    o TFS
    o NGINX
    o Familiar with Docker Containers and container orchestration engines

Attribute & Behaviours

  • Well-organised and highly motivated
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Exceptional problem troubleshooting and resolution skills
  • Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced, fluid environment and still deliver high
    quality work
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects / priorities at the same time while staying calm and
  • Eager to learn, and keep on learning new things
  • Good communication skills across various mediums and organisational levels
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Takes ownership and assumes responsibility for all work / actions and that of their team,
    regardless of the outcome
  • Can comfortably transition between working alone and working within a team


Position: Open
Location: Cape Town
Job Title: Senior Devops Engineer
Salary: To be discussed