Details about position

This client is an ambitious digital studio based in Cape Town South Africa, with a small team, a big heart and clients on five continents. Every day we create engaging online human experiences through creative web development.

What They Do:

  • Development
  • Product & service design
  • Consultation
  • Digital strategy
  • Culture over Corporate

They set ourselves apart by focusing on our people and our culture. This means creating a space for young(ish), tech-savvy professionals to thrive. We steer away from the idea of bosses and employees and rather focus on teamwork, collaboration and being an agile and adaptive agency.

Why Work for Them?
As part of their team, you’ll get:

Cooked lunches every day, beers after work, the occasional quad-copter or hacky sack flying overhead and free entry into Waffle Wednesdays, assuming you make it to the kitchen in time. However, there’s also plenty of room for focusing on projects, working within teams (swarming and knowledge-sharing) and developing our tech skills, so that we can feel confident we’re offering our clients the best solutions we can.

Skill must haves

  • Highly competent with HTML, CSS(SASS) and Javascript and the associated
  • Highly competent with one of Ruby, Python, PHP or Node (experience with the others is
  • Referenceable or demonstrable experience with application-level architectural principles.
  • Highly self-managing, assertive and communicative, strong interpersonal skills orientated to working in a team.
  • Experience with automated testing essential.
  • Extensive development experience for web and/or mobile
  • Obsessed with performance, code standards, compatibility and best practices.
  • Complete dedication to continual improvement and learning.
  • Appetite for new technologies and tools.
  • Javascript frameworks (React/Redux, Vue, Meteor)
  • Experience with Git, Linux, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Webpack, and confidence with the
    command line.
  • WordPress experience advantageous.
  • Experience with CI, CircleCI advantageous.
  • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum environment.


Position: Open
Location: Cape Town
Job Title: Senior Full Stack Developer
Salary: To be discussed